EU: Kazakh airlines are safe

Good news for Kazakhstan: From now on, all its airlines are allowed to operate in Europe as well. The EU removed them from the Air Safety List, which is a record of all airlines that do not comply with European safety standards.


A new entry of the last update is the Iranian Iran Aseman Airlines. Thereby, a total of 193 airlines are now restricted or banned from operating within the EU. You can find the full list here.


In a press release, Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc explained: "The EU Air Safety list is one of our main instruments to continuously offer the highest level of air safety to Europeans. I am particularly glad that after years of work and European technical assistance, we are today able to clear all Kazakh air carriers. This also is a positive signal for all the countries that remain on the list. It shows that work and cooperation pay off. The Commission and the European Aviation Safety Agency are ready to assist."


The aim of the Air Safety List is to make air travel secure for EU citizens. Furthermore it is supposed to be an incentive for airlines and countries to raise their standards. The ECC reports about updates of the list on a regular basis.