Fake reminders

Consumers drew the attention of ECC Austria to fake reminders which are currently in circulation.


The mails appear to be professional as they contain the signatur of "Speicherzentrum-Anwalt GmbH" with a complete address, tax ID number, Commercial Register of the company and bank account data. Research of ECC Austria has shown that the company “Speicherzentrum GmbH” is actually situated at the given address. The company disassociates itself from the mails and warns against the fake reminders on its website .


On closer observation it becomes noticeable that the mail address of the sender is "support@speicheranbieter.de" or "info@speicheranbieter.de". The correct address of Speicherzentrum GmbH would be "…@speicherzentrum.de".


Tips of ECC Austria

  • Don’t open attachments in mails if you don’t know the sender as they could contain a virus or malware.
  • Don’t pay anything if you don’t know the sender and/or don’t have any unpaid bills with the firm.
  • Don’t give away personal data.
  • Don’t let them intimidate you.