Flight cancellations of TUIfly and Air Berlin

As reported in the media, TUIfly currently cancels a lot of flights. This affects also the German airline Air Berlin that cooperates with TUIfly. They say that sickness notifications of employees made the cancellations necessary.


For consumers, questions regarding their rights naturally arose. Even in such exceptional situations, you are entitled to specific services.

  • Am I entitled to rebooking free of charge?
  • Do I have to accept a flight a few days later or can I request a refund of the ticket price?
  • What happens if I am stuck in a foreign city? Who covers accommodation and food until my alternative flight?
  • Under which circumstances can I request an additional compensation?

All answers to these question can be found in our article: Your Air Passenger Rights


Tips of ECC Austria

  • The European Consumer Centre advises you to regularly check the current information for your flight (on the websites of Air Berlin and TUIfly).
  • Furthermore, follow the reliable media coverage and save relevant articles.