Rental Cars: Atlas Choice / Atlas Option insolvent

Consumers are currently contacting the ECC regarding Atlas Choice and Atlas Option. Both are operated by the British company Evershine Travel Ltd which is insolvent since January 2017.


Atlas Choice / Atlas Option are intermediaries for rental cars. Most consumers already booked and paid for a car in mid-2016. They got a voucher which was accepted by the respective rental car company at their destination. The consumers therefore thought that the service was paid for and that everything was in order.


Months later, the rental car companies also charged the consumer's credit card. When consumers asked for an explanation, they claimed that Atlas Choice / Atlas Option never paid them the rental fee.


Tips from your ECC


If you got charged twice - once by Atlas and later by the rental car company - the ECC recommends to take the following steps:

  1. Ask your credit card company to reverse the second payment. Explain to your provider that the service was already consumed and paid for.
  2. The insolvency proceedings against Evershine Travel Ltd. started in January. Information is provided on the websites of Atlas Choice and Deloitte. You can try to lodge your claims.