Strike of Portuguese airline TAP

Due to a pilot strike that began on 1 May 2015 and will last for ten days, the Portuguese airline TAP had to cancel numerous flights. As some pilots didn't follow the Union's call for action, the consequences are less dramatic than expected at first. Information regarding which flights are affected can be found directly on the website of the airline.


The end of the strike is planned for 10 May 2015.


TAP offers its passengers to rebook or cancel without further costs. If passengers decide to cancel their flight, the airline provides vouchers to be used within one year for another TAP flight. According to the Air Passenger Rights Directive, consumers are entitled to a complete refund of the flight costs within seven days. Passengers are therefore not obliged to accept a voucher and can insist on a refund.


In most cases, a strike is considered as "extraordinary circumstance" which means that affected passengers are not entiteld to an additional compensatory payment. For more information regarding your rights, please read this article: Your Air Passenger Rights