The EU in 2016

The European Union published the report about last year's activities. It is available for free in all 28 languages.


All events, initiatives and decisions of 2016 are summarised and displayed in the report. A short summary of 20 pages gives an overview, structured by the ten priorities of the EU Commission.


Read or download the full annual report at this link.


Find more information in this press release.


RAPEX - the Rapid Alert System of the EU


At the same time, the annual report about the Rapid Alert System RAPEX was presented. The system should ensure that dangerous products are withdrawn from the market as quickly as possible. 2016, the majority of such goods came from China (53%) once again, but the number was reduced by nine percent compared to 2015. In 2016, toys was the most notified product category (26%), followed by motor vehicles (18%), and clothing, textiles and fashion items (13%).


Download the full RAPEX report at this link.