News from Air Berlin

After filing for insolvency on August 15, Air Berlin updated the information for passengers on its website. Most importantly: Vouchers will not be accepted anymore. Consumers won't get any money back after cancelling a flight. Furthermore, the airline will not pay compensation for cancelled or delayed flights.


Continuing operations


Thanks to a loan from the German government, the normal flight operations are allegedly secured until the end of November. Consumers, who have a ticket for a later date, can only wait and see. According to Air Berlin, negotiations with other airlines, especially Lufthansa, "are far advanced and highly promising" and "may be finalised shortly". Passengers who booked a package trip with flights operated by Air Berlin, can turn to their tour operator. He is responsible for organising your transportation.


The airline further claims that consumers can still book flights. However, due to the uncertain situation, the ECC recommends to rather book at another airline. If your flight gets cancelled, you would be just one of many creditors and can hardly hope to get compensation.


No vouchers anymore


The situation with vouchers is a bit different: Due to legal insolvency regulations, the airline is not allowed to accept vouchers for new flight bookings anymore. Consumers can't pay out their vouchers for cash. There is only one option left: As soon as the insolvency proceedings are officially opened, consumers can file their claims which will then be calculated by a ratio. Realistically, it will take a long time to finish these proceedings. Affected customers of Air Berlin must anticipate that they will only get a very little or even no compensation at all.


The same applies to cancelled flights. Normally, if you cancel a flight, you will at least - according to your flight tariff - get the applicable taxes and fees. That's not possible anymore due to the insolvency regulations. Compensation for cancellations or delays of flights are also excluded. Once again, filing a claim at the insolvency proceedings is the only way.


Further information


It is still unclear when the insolvency proceedings will start. According to our colleagues from ECC Germany, it will not be before November this year. Air Berlin provides information on its website. We will keep you updated on our website and Facebook.