Warning against streaming platforms

The Watchlist Internet currently warns against several streaming platforms, including boboflix.com, streamago.de and streamnox.com. They are operated by the same provider, Lovelust Ltd. Furthermore, websites of Bizcon Ltd., like streamzeit.de, have the same design. Accordingly, the problems are also similar: Consumers register on the website in order to get access to the movies. Shortly thereafter, they receive an invoice for 200 Euro due to the alleged extension of the free trial period to an annual premium subscription.


No valid contract


The company threatens to engage a collection agency or to take legal steps, if the consumer doesn't pay the amount of 238,30€. We recommend to stay calm as there is no legal basis for the demands. According to European laws, the operator would have to notify the consumer before extending the contract, e.g. via mail. As no such notification took place, the contract is invalid and the consumers are not obliged to pay anything.


ECC sample letter


If you received an invoice by Lovelust Ltd., please use our free sample letter (MB Automatische Vertragsverlängerung) to protest against it. Our sample letters are only available in German. Registered letters usually have the best effect. Mails should be sent with read confirmation.