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Need help?

We are happy to help enforcing your claims against a company in another EU Member State, Norway or Iceland.



Unfortunately, due to technical issues, problems with submitting the online complaint form may occur. If so, we kindly ask you to forward your case via e-mail to Please attach a description of your case as well as all correspondence with the trader and all respective documents (e.g. the contract). We are working hard to fix these problems as soon as possible and thank you for your understanding.

To simplify case processing, we offer an online form for submitting your complaint via our website. If you would like our intervention, please fill out the form.



We do not charge any costs for our action.

In our work we aim only to an out-of-court settlement of your claim. The focus is on our many years of experience in the practical use of the pre- and extra-judicial complaint behavior of many companies.

Our field of activity is in accordance with the statutes limited to consumer transactions, ie transactions between consumers and entrepreneurs. For questions that arise from a transaction between two companies or between two individuals, we are not responsible.

Problems with the sending of the Cross-border complaint form?

  • Google Chrome: We regret to inform you that the complaint form currently doesn't work with the browser "Google Chrome".
  • Acrobat Reader: Adobe has released a new version of Acrobat Reader (version 9.3 and recently 9.4). Unfortunately, this new version has some limitations. Therefore, the cross-border complaint form can't be submitted online.

There are two options to solve these technical problems:

Option 1:

  • Open the Adobe Reader
  • Edit - Preferences - Security (Enhanced)
  • Click "Enable Enhanced Security"
  • Add Host - add - OK
  • Then you can fill out our online complaint form.

Option 2:

  • After pressing "Send complaint" a warning is displayed to confirm the dispatch of the form
  • After pressing this button, another warning appears that the connection to the server is not upright.
  • Press "ok"
  • A yellow line appears
  • Press the selection button "Approve this document"
  • Save the form and press again "Send"

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Of course you can send the form with older versions of Adobe Reader (8.1.2 and 8.1.3).

Information on data protection

We are obliged to inform you that your submitted data will be entered in the database of the Network of the European Consumer Centres (ECC-Net) and can be forwarded for the purpose of processing to other European Consumer Centres. Of course, you have the right to request the deletion of your data.

More information can be found in the download "Privacy Information".