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US initiative for victims of Western Union frauds

Whenever a parcel has to be sent cross-border, the price for its delivery would increase significantly - regardless of the actual distance. Many Europeans therefore avoid shopping in another country. The EU wants to change that and created new rules for parcel delivery services.

The internet is full of promising offers. Onlineshops outdo each other with cheap prices and discount campaigns. It can be hard to distinguish which trader is trustworthy and which is not. Our ECC-Net has some tips on how you can avoid traps and fakes.

Summer time is concert time. More than 20 festival take place in Austria this year. But what happens, if the event is cancelled due to a storm or if just the one band you wanted to see calls off their concert? ECC Austria has the information for you.

The spooky giant

Regarding online travel booking, hidden traps and obstacles are not uncommon. The European Consumer Centre provides tips and help.

When shopping online as a consumer, cooling-off a contract free of charge is often possible.

Surprising positions on your phone bill

Whether buying a drink at the school cafeteria, downloading an app or ordering a concert ticket: Children and young people conclude contracts nearly every day. ECC Austria gives information about this topic.

The Austrian public prosecutor department investigates against one of the operators of the webshop Affected consumers can complain to the police. The European Consumer Centre Austria (ECC) summarized which details need to be considered carefully.

EU Commission presents Logo

With Friday, 13.06.2014, the new Consumer Rights Directive was implemented EU-wide in order to make the protection of consumers more effective and consistent. Main changes affect regulations about withdrawal, cancellation and price transparency.

ECC Austria knows about for a long time now. The number of consumer complaints has significantly increased in the last months.

The Network of the European Consumer Centres (ECC-Net) published a report on the topic of chargeback, which means a refund of credit card payments.

Complaints from consumers increased in the last months.

Regarding copyright infringements, a rightsholder often employs a lawyer to contact the consumer.

ECC Austria explains how European consumers can submit legal claims in case of defected services or goods.

ECC Austria explains what you can do in case of delayed delivery of ordered goods.

What you should consider before shopping online

More and more often, branded products sold online turn out to be counterfeit. This harms consumers all over Europe.

When free expression on the Internet goes too far.

Product piracy - mistake does not prevent from penalty.

Fake websites