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Air Travel

Opodo is an online intermediary for flights, hotels, rental cars and package travels, situated in England and Spain. We are currently receiving a lot of complaints about the company, regarding non-transparent pricing on the German website.

More and more airports refrain from loudspeaker announcements, to reduce noise and thereby stress for passengers. However, consumers regularly contact us as they encountered problems because of it.

We receive numerous complaints about Wizz Air: At the cheapest fare, only the online check-in is for free. If a passenger wants to check in at the airport, Wizz Air charges a fee.

At the referendum on June 23, 2016, 52 percent of the British citizens voted for Brexit. What does that mean for consumers in Europe?

Many consumers book their flights via an intermediary, like an online travel agency. A problem which can occur and is often hard to recognize, are separate transportation contracts. In case of cancellation or delay, this may lead to massive problems.

When your flight is cancelled or you are denied boarding, you are entitled to alternative transportation to your destination. Usually, you are rebooked to another flight.

Many consumers report dubious websites to us, that offer overpriced or invalid travel documents. The following artice explains how to find the actual authority and which websites to avoid.

Wird ein Flug annulliert, lässt sich dagegen nichts ausrichten, gegen unzumutbare Ersatzleistungen aber durchaus.

A Luxembourgish court decided that Lufthansa has to reimburse passengers who are affected by a strike. According to the judge, the airline can't claim extraordinary circumstances. It is the second ruling of this kind in a short time.

If you were at the check-in counter on time, having valid travel documents with you and were still denied boarding you are entitled to several rights and services.

In case your booked flight was cancelled, you are entitled to several rights and services.

Regrettably, flight delays happen rather frequently. If the delay is 5 hours or even more you have the right to rescission and can demand the refund of the ticket price.

Nearly every day brings media reports about problems regarding air travel. Especially during the holiday season, many consumers are affected by delayed or cancelled flight. We made an overview of your rights in such cases.

The European Commission is updating the European rules on rail passenger rights to better protect train travellers in case of delays, cancellations or discrimination.

Whether you get your new dog from the neigbouring country or don't want to leave your cat alone: There are many reasons to travel with pets. To manage this as smoothly as possible, some things should be considered. The ECC has an overview for you.

2016 offers a lot to sport fans: Only a few weeks after the UEFA EURO, the Summer Olympics are just about to start in Rio de Janeiro. ECC Austria collected important information and helpful tips for consumers who travel to Brazil.

The EURO 2016 is not only a challenge for the competing teams. In the face of terror, strikes and aggressive fan groups, the security authorities have to deal with a huge responsibility. ECC Austria has gathered important information and helpful links, so that you can enjoy the EURO - safe and relaxed.

France has a lot to offer to tourists. What to consider when you book your hotel, how to get from one point to another and what you can do in case of emergency - ECC Austria gathered all the information you need.

Many roads lead to France - whether you travel fast by plane, relaxed by train or individually by car.

The major football event has started and Austria is part of it. Fans have every reason to be excited: For the first time ever, the national team qualified for the European championship. A huge success and a very good reason to travel to the EURO in France in June.

The European Parliament today, Thursday, decided in favor of the controversial Passenger Name Record (PNR) Directive. At the same time, the data protection reform was enacted, with which the diverse regulations of the Member States should become unified standards.

The number of people travelling by air keeps increasing. That is why air passenger rights are one of the most important consumer rights within the EU. However, since the beginning of 2015, European Consumer Centres received more than 4000 complaints from consumers across Europe who had difficulties receiving compensation in case of delayed or cancelled flights.

From 1 September 2015, new safety regulations will be valid at European - and therefore also Austrian - airports. Passengers will be checked more thorough for traces of explosives.

Summertime is vacation time. Finally getting away from the daily routine and find time for the beautiful things in life. Even worse, when suddenly problems occur and disturb the long-desired journey. A list of ECC Austria shows how to react to which situation and where to turn to for help.

Overview of the rules set out in the EU-Regulation No. 261/2004.

Online travel agencies are very popular today. Most consumers like to book their flights online. But some problems tend to raise anger among consumers: Additional fees that only appear at the very end of the booking process.

Regarding online travel booking, hidden traps and obstacles are not uncommon. The European Consumer Centre provides tips and help.

Booking flights online becomes more and more popular. Especially regarding short trips, many

The Court of Justice of the European Union has decided that baggage fees of airlines are legitimate. This is valid only for check-in luggage, not hand luggage. And: Consumers need to be informed about such fees during the booking process.

A court in Salzburg (Austria) asked the CJEU to define the term “arrival time” in the context of air travel. The decision: You have arrived, when the doors open and passengers can leave the airplane.

Very popular among Austrian consumers.

Contractual partner, comparison portal, intermediary, operator: When you book a journey, it is important to know who your contractual partner is. Sounds simple, but with online booking, things can get confusing. The European Consumer Centre Austria has summarised the most important terms for you.

The European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) developed an App to support consumers while travelling in Europe. In 25 languages, the mobile application helps in situations like lost baggage, delayed flights or return of damaged goods.

Despite the existence of a clear legal framework, online flight bookings are often combined with obstacles and financial traps.

National authorities checked 552 websites of travel providers. 69% did not meet the European consumer law and were asked to adapt their content. Meanwhile 62% followed the request.

The European Commission has updated the "Black List" of Airlines which are banned in the EU. With a new search tool, consumers can now easily find relevant information.

Public transport, private car or taxi?

EU Commission wants to further improve the air passenger rights in Europe.

The rules set out in the Montreal Convention.

Surcharge only allowed under specific circumstances

The overview by ECC Austria helps you find out wether the package tour or the individual trip fits your needs.

The Austrian organisation ÖAMTC summarized the most common misconceptions about passports and ID cards.

The EU Commission sets out next steps to strengthen the enforcement of air passenger rights.