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Car Rental

Wir behandeln häufig Beschwerden bei der Buchung von Leihautos. Hier sind die häufigsten Fragen und einige Tipps aus der Praxis.

Car rental companies tended to cause anger among consumers in the past. Many conflicts are based on lack of transparency regarding the online booking process as well as payment demands due to alleged damages on the car.

ECC Austria gives an overview of the most important abbreviations in car rental aggreements.

Those wo want to be flexible and mobile at their holiday destination often book their rental car online in advance. ECC Austria summarised important tips.

Many travellers take the chance to explore foreign countries with a rental car. ECC Austria shows how to avoid problems.

From 1 November 2014 it is obligatory within the EU that all new cars have a so called Tire Safety System (TSS).

Three leading providers have to work on their website to adjust it to the Services Directive. It prohibits discrimination of consumers due to their place of residence or nationality. The car rental companies Hertz, Avis and Europcar will redesign their business practices after a "constructive dialog" with the European Commission.