The many offers to stream films and TV series, sports broadcasts and music from the Internet directly to the device, i.e. to watch them without prior download, lead to more and more search queries by consumers in search engines. Unfortunately, some of these search queries lead interested consumers to illegal streaming providers, with tempting offers and free promises. Consumers are often taken in by scammers, an expensive subscription trap, computer viruses or theft of personal data can be the result. The other problem is illegal platforms that feed a criminal black economy through copyright infringement and cause widespread harm to the general public.

Don't pay immediately! We have the most important information for you.

Cross-border shopping is easier than ever before. With only a few clicks you can order goods from

Many consumers report dubious websites to us, that offer overpriced or invalid travel documents. The following artice explains how to find the actual authority and which websites to avoid.

Streaming platforms that offer movies for a cheap price or even for free, are very attractive for consumers. Unfortunately, there are many providers who are dubious and threaten their customers with reminders and execution. The argument: The test phase of their subscription allegedly turned into a long-term, fee-based contract. This practice is unlawful. We explain what you can do in this situation.

US initiative for victims of Western Union frauds

Subscription traps are offers on cheap products that lead to costly subscriptions for those who accept. Before responding to an advertisement make sure you have considered the following tips!

If you have ordered samples or accepted an offer which has led to you being stuck in a subscription - please read this checklist.

Experiencing the favourite singer live, travelling to a musical in London or Hamburg, being at a soccer game with Messi - fulfilling such dreams is often only a mouse click away. There are many ticket shops in the web, but how can you avoid overpricing or fraud?

The internet is full of promising offers. Onlineshops outdo each other with cheap prices and discount campaigns. It can be hard to distinguish which trader is trustworthy and which is not. Our ECC-Net has some tips on how you can avoid traps and fakes.

There is always a lot to be considered when you purchase an animal. Even more so, if you decide to get it from a breeder or animal protection organisation abroad. The ECC has all important information for you.

170 Euro for a flight to Mumbai - sounds good? Deals like that are called error fares. Before you take it, you should know about possible consequences. The ECC has all important information for you.

The risks of shopping online are widely known. However, if I order something from a well established website like Amazon, nothing can happen, right..? Unfortunately, wrong.

When it gets colder outside and you make yourself comfortable at home, the wish for a partner might become especially great. Thanks to the vast number of online portals, you can start the search for love right from your couch. Unfortunately, there are some black sheep among the providers. The ECC has the most important tips for you.

The door is closed, nerves are on edge and the locksmith service that the search engine proposes on top of the list promises prompt help. Many Austrian consumers who faced this or a likely situation commissioned shady fitters from the neighbouring country. The European Consumer Centres Germany and Austria together warn against fraudulent locksmith services.

Commission proposes new e-commerce rules to help consumers and companies reap full benefit of Single Market

Dubious offers on Internet platforms

Many key services promote their work online or appear in phone books which makes it difficult to distinguish between professional and dubious providers. It is therefore very important to know what to take into consideration when choosing a key service.

Contract traps of shady providers

A new report has shown that consumers increasingly encounter fraud when making cross-border purchases online.

ECC Austria advises to be cautious when it comes to "free" offers at fairs.

A new brochure of the ECC-Net and VKI.

Pretending to be "Internet-police"

Regrettably this article is only available in German.

Regrettably this article is only available in German.

Regrettably this article is only available in German.

The mentioned sellers never advertised this car.

Regrettably this article is only available in German.

Beware of fraudsters!

Illegal clauses and practices have to stop.

Fraudulent offers for tickets on the Internet.