The many offers to stream films and TV series, sports broadcasts and music from the Internet directly to the device, i.e. to watch them without prior download, lead to more and more search queries by consumers in search engines. Unfortunately, some of these search queries lead interested consumers to illegal streaming providers, with tempting offers and free promises. Consumers are often taken in by scammers, an expensive subscription trap, computer viruses or theft of personal data can be the result. The other problem is illegal platforms that feed a criminal black economy through copyright infringement and cause widespread harm to the general public.

Streaming platforms that offer movies for a cheap price or even for free, are very attractive for consumers. Unfortunately, there are many providers who are dubious and threaten their customers with reminders and execution. The argument: The test phase of their subscription allegedly turned into a long-term, fee-based contract. This practice is unlawful. We explain what you can do in this situation.

Since 1. April 2018, a new regulation of the EU regarding "cross-border portability of online content services" is in force. It enables consumers to use their subscriptions for movies, music or sport streaming services abroad like at home.

The internet is full of promising offers. Onlineshops outdo each other with cheap prices and discount campaigns. It can be hard to distinguish which trader is trustworthy and which is not. Our ECC-Net has some tips on how you can avoid traps and fakes.

The operator of a Wi-Fi network is considered by the law as Internet provider. The Austrian law does not demand providers to generally observe the Internet traffic. The ECJ now confirmed this view.

Tips of ECC Austria about what to do to avoid a written warning and potentially heavy costs.

ECC Austria explains what consumers should keep in mind when a trader walks by at the beach.

Ebooks as well as music and movie files are protected by copyright.

Over 1.2 million counterfeit products and 130 million cigarettes – this is the respectable record of a large scale operation of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) in cooperation with many international partners.

Autumn is coming and in most European countries this means that school is starting over.

Regarding copyright infringements, a rightsholder often employs a lawyer to contact the consumer.

What you should consider before shopping online

ECC Austria explains the proper use of streaming, downloads and the cloud.

Product piracy - mistake does not prevent from penalty.

What online sellers should consider.

What online sellers should consider.

Downloading songs and movies is very popular. But consumers are often unsure whether it is legal or not.

ECC Austria provides tips on dealing with downloads by children or flat-mates.

Fake websites