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Driving In The EU

In time for the winter travel season, we present an overview over the different obligations regarding winter tires in Europe. The information was gathered and is provided by our Network of the European Consumer Centres (ECC-Net).

Who drives in Italy with his car should be aware of driving bans in the city centres. Driving in a so called "zona a traffico limitato" without a special permit is expensive.

Whether you get your new dog from the neigbouring country or don't want to leave your cat alone: There are many reasons to travel with pets. To manage this as smoothly as possible, some things should be considered. The ECC has an overview for you.

Car rental companies tended to cause anger among consumers in the past. Many conflicts are based on lack of transparency regarding the online booking process as well as payment demands due to alleged damages on the car.

An EU-wide market study points out weaknesses and problems.

A new service for Austrian consumers: the gas price database!

From 1 November 2014 it is obligatory within the EU that all new cars have a so called Tire Safety System (TSS).

Three leading providers have to work on their website to adjust it to the Services Directive. It prohibits discrimination of consumers due to their place of residence or nationality. The car rental companies Hertz, Avis and Europcar will redesign their business practices after a "constructive dialog" with the European Commission.

Many Austrian consumers like to drive their own car on vacation.

The ÖAMTC informes about speed limits observed when driving abroad. Many Austrians use their car for a holiday get-away. Just driving off without any particular information can be expensive, because of the different speed limits in European countries. To save money and nerves the ÖAMTC tourism has summarized the main differences.

The European commission (DG MOVE) provides a practical overview of the most important traffic rules in all EU Member States.

There is a wide range of regulations. The ÖAMTC gives an overview on how and where to pay.

Since 1. July 2012, it is an obligation in France to carry a breathalyser within the car.

ECC Austria receives a lot of claims regarding tolls on Italian highways.