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Money Abroad

Many consumers report dubious websites to us, that offer overpriced or invalid travel documents. The following artice explains how to find the actual authority and which websites to avoid.

Who drives in Italy with his car should be aware of driving bans in the city centres. Driving in a so called "zona a traffico limitato" without a special permit is expensive.

Less costs and more freedom in the European single market

Peace, relaxation, eventually a little bit of action and sightseeing - those expectations are common when it comes to holidays. However, this joy might vanish quickly, if you suddenly stand on the airport without your luggage, the hotel room appears to be totally different than in the catalogue, the brandnew sunglasses are already broken or if the booked rental car is not available after all. The Travel App of the European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) helps with such and other problems.

Traveller's check, credit card, bank card, prepaid card - ECC Austria gives an overview.

Regarding online travel booking, hidden traps and obstacles are not uncommon. The European Consumer Centre provides tips and help.

Very popular among Austrian consumers.

The European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) developed an App to support consumers while travelling in Europe. In 25 languages, the mobile application helps in situations like lost baggage, delayed flights or return of damaged goods.

Reign of the free market