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Before Purchase

At the referendum on June 23, 2016, 52 percent of the British citizens voted for Brexit. What does that mean for consumers in Europe?

Cross-border shopping is easier than ever before. With only a few clicks you can order goods from

The Geo-blocking regulation comes into force EU-wide on December 3rd, 2018. She prohibits discrimination of consumers based on their nationality or place of residence when shopping cross-border – online or offline.

Airbnb has to change its Terms & Conditions on the European market as they don't comply with the current EU law.

Experiencing the favourite singer live, travelling to a musical in London or Hamburg, being at a soccer game with Messi - fulfilling such dreams is often only a mouse click away. There are many ticket shops in the web, but how can you avoid overpricing or fraud?

There is always a lot to be considered when you purchase an animal. Even more so, if you decide to get it from a breeder or animal protection organisation abroad. The ECC has all important information for you.

The beginning of a new year is seldom silent. 2017 will also be welcomed before the loud noise of a bright and colorful night sky.

ECC-Net report finds EU shoppers still face unjustified discrimination due to nationality and place of residence. Some traders use business practices such as geo-blocking to create artificial barriers and restrict consumers’ access to services.

170 Euro for a flight to Mumbai - sounds good? Deals like that are called error fares. Before you take it, you should know about possible consequences. The ECC has all important information for you.

The risks of shopping online are widely known. However, if I order something from a well established website like Amazon, nothing can happen, right..? Unfortunately, wrong.

Commission proposes new e-commerce rules to help consumers and companies reap full benefit of Single Market

Antitrust: e-commerce sector inquiry finds geo-blocking is widespread throughout EU

The Consumer Scoreboard, an annual survey of the EU Commission, shows where consumers see problems within the European Single Market.

Regrettably this article is only available in German.

Hotels, electronic devices, insurances, cars and prices - almost nothing that can't be compared on online platforms. A study on behalf of the EU Commission and conducted by Ipsos, London Economics and Deloitte, shows problems regarding this area.

A priority of the EU Commission under president Jean-Claude Juncker is the digital single market .

The spooky giant

Buying goods from shops in the US and UK - the Austrian Post promises uncomplicated processing of formalities and quick delivery. The Austrian test magazine Konsument went shopping - and learned how to exercise patience.

The pros and cons of different payment options.

Buying pharmaceutical products online becomes more and more common. Consumers look for cheap prices as well as products not available in their home country.

ECC Austria has all details on where to get your ticket!

Ebooks as well as music and movie files are protected by copyright.

Whether buying a drink at the school cafeteria, downloading an app or ordering a concert ticket: Children and young people conclude contracts nearly every day. ECC Austria gives information about this topic.

EU Commission presents Logo

With Friday, 13.06.2014, the new Consumer Rights Directive was implemented EU-wide in order to make the protection of consumers more effective and consistent. Main changes affect regulations about withdrawal, cancellation and price transparency.

ECC Austria knows about for a long time now. The number of consumer complaints has significantly increased in the last months.

Improved protection against Internet cost traps

National authorities checked 552 websites of travel providers. 69% did not meet the European consumer law and were asked to adapt their content. Meanwhile 62% followed the request.

A comparison of online payment options

In its report "Can I trust the trust mark?", the ECC-Net gives consumers an overview over 54 online trust marks existing in the EU.

Hardly any games are actually "free to play".

A new report has shown that consumers increasingly encounter fraud when making cross-border purchases online.

Regarding copyright infringements, a rightsholder often employs a lawyer to contact the consumer.

The Internet opens a new virtual shopping world for consumers.

ECC Austria informs European consumers on how to safely shop online - in Europe and around the world.

What you should consider before shopping online