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Travelling In Austria

Whether you get your new dog from the neigbouring country or don't want to leave your cat alone: There are many reasons to travel with pets. To manage this as smoothly as possible, some things should be considered. The ECC has an overview for you.

Spring 2017 will bring many changes for Airbnb and similar platforms. Several cities passed new laws to further regulate the private rental of accommodations.

In dicey situations, minutes can decide over life and death of a patient. Especially then, helicopter operations are an important part of emergency services.

Summer time is concert time. More than 20 festival take place in Austria this year. But what happens, if the event is cancelled due to a storm or if just the one band you wanted to see calls off their concert? ECC Austria has the information for you.

There are only a few days left before the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) starts in Vienna. Preparations began weeks ago and fans already celebrated the first parties under this year's motto "Building Bridges".

Who has to bear the costs if something happens? ECC Austria explains if and when private insurances pay of.

ECC Austria informs about the Austrian law regarding hotel cancellation.