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Travelling With Insurance

In dicey situations, minutes can decide over life and death of a patient. Especially then, helicopter operations are an important part of emergency services.

Summertime is vacation time. Finally getting away from the daily routine and find time for the beautiful things in life. Even worse, when suddenly problems occur and disturb the long-desired journey. A list of ECC Austria shows how to react to which situation and where to turn to for help.

Automatic renewal of a contract

Protection at home and abroad

Many consumers are currently planning their summer vacation. What they should consider to avoid problems and what they can do in case of troubles – the European Commission summarized the most important facts.

Useful or dispensable? ECC Austria gives an overview.

ECC gives an overview of different types of insurances

Back page of e-card replaces external health insurances certificate

E-card replaces external health insurances certificate.