Reminders of Europa Inkasso GmbH / Collect Inkasso GmbH

Many consumers currently turn to ECC Austria because they received reminders from a German debt collection agency (Europa Inkasso GmbH or Collect Inkasso GmbH; Billy-Wilder-Promenade 40; 14167 Berlin).


According to the letter, the agency operates on behalf of several lottery firms in diverse European countries.


Consumers tell us that they had been contacted by lottery firms in the past, but never concluded a contract with any of the firms mentioned in the letters. Furthermore, in all writings they are claimed to pay an amount of € 258,95 (3x monthly fee á € 59,-).


The debt collecting agency is situated in Germany, but the given bank account is in Bulgaria.


ECC Austria contacted the agency by phone and tried to get more information - but this turned out to be impossible. We were told that the managing director won't be in his office for the next two weeks.


Tips of ECC Austria


If you received a writing of the agency, we advise you to protest against any claims with the sample letter attached to this article.


Send the letter registered to the debt collecting agency and - to be on the safe side - also to the mentioned lottery firms.