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Warnings about fraud and dubious business practices

Rundes rotes Piktogramm eines erhobenen Zeigefingers auf einem Hintergrundfoto mit Kreditkarten, die an einem Angelhaken hängen und einer Computertastatur und
Image: EVZ Österreich

On this overview page we collect our most relevant warning articles. We highlight various attempts at fraud and scams, as well as dubious or semi-legal business practices. You can find out what countermeasures make sense and instructions for action depending on the situation in the guides listed here.

Collection of our warning articles

Coaching rip-off still going strong

Dubious coaching providers are still very active. Hardly any other rip-off industry knows how to use the potential of social media and target group advertising so skilfully to get money from the unsuspecting. We give those affected recommendations for action and warn urgently against cost traps amounting to several thousand euros!

Usury with books

Facsimiles, i.e. replicas, of magnificent antique volumes, bibles or encyclopaedias are sold for thousands of euros in door-to-door sales. The victims are mainly elderly or old people. They were promised a safe investment. It later transpires that they were sold relatively worthless books.

Black Friday: hype and facts

The end of November is Black Friday, the most popular day of the year for retailers. But bargain hunters should be careful. Retailers are primarily interested in boosting sales and emptying their warehouses. Whether the bombastically advertised savings really materialise is often questionable.

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