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Here you will find our list of the most important letter templates that you can use if you have problems with companies. It is always better to conduct such correspondence in writing than to try to clarify it with the companies by telephone. Only through correspondence can you prove what has been discussed and that any deadlines have been met.

Please note: A sample letter never replaces a competent consultation, but is only a help for self-help

NB: Not all of our German language sample letters had been translated yet.

Pictogram about "Written notices"

Better in writing

The delivery of a sample letter by email is considered to be an accepted written form. If you would like to send a company the sample letter by email, it is advisable to set up your email program so that you request a read confirmation from the recipient!

However, it is better to send the letter by registered mail in any case! Keep a copy of the letter and attach the registered mail receipt to the copy. This is the only way you can prove that the letter has actually reached the company.

Pictogram about "Keep written evidence"

Keep written evidence

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