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Rights for package holidays

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In the case of package holidays, several travel services such as travel and accommodation were paid for at once. Package holiday travellers enjoy further legal protection rights. Further information, suitable sample letters and situation-specific instructions can be found in the guide articles collected here.

Collected articles on the topic of package holidays

Couple is planning their holidays

FAQ Package Holidays

In these FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) we give a brief overview of your rights on package holidays under the new Austrian Package Travel Act (PRG).

Frau in Alltagskleidung mit Rollkoffer lehnt an Wand

Insolvency protection for package travels

You have been looking forward to a nice holiday for a long time, but then one of the companies involved becomes insolvent. This is a shock for many consumers. Can I still travel? Do I have to pay a certain part again? Do I get all the money back? Or have I also lost my savings?


Defects at destination

ECC Austria knows how to deal with travel deficiencies and which rights consumers have.

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