European Youth Event 2014

Just before the European elections on 25th May, the European Youth Event 2014 takes place in the French city Strasbourg. Although the period for application is now closed, the Event can be followed online.


Livestream, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram


Who is interested in the EYE 2014, but cannot be there in person, can monitor it via web streaming. Discussions, workshops and performances are covered directly from the European Parliament.


The franco-german television network ARTE is official media partner and will broadcast the event. Besides big themes like the European labor market from the perspective of the young participants, ARTE will also have special programmes. An example: ARTE Lounge will organize a meeting of classical and pop musicians.


Online participants will also have the opportunity to post their questions on Twitter in order to directly engage in the discussions and debates during the EYE 2014. The questions will be selected by moderators. Furthermore, giant screens inside and outside the Parliament will show the livestreaming, together with Twitter and Instagram walls. The event will also be covered on Facebook. An app with information about the detailed programme, maps and biographies of the speakers, will be provided to the participants.


Three days full of program


The European Youth Event 2014 will take place in the European Parliament in Strasbourg from Friday, 9 May until Sunday, 11 May. Thousands of young Europeans between the age of 16 and 30 will take part.


Under the motto "Ideas for a better Europe", five key topics will be discussed:

  1. Youth Unemployment: New perspectives for a blocked generation
  2. Digital Revolution: The future of the internet
  3. Future of the European Union: Europe in transition
  4. Sustainability: New European Lifestyle - Sustainable business and living
  5. European Values: Global Player or Fair Player?

Besides panel discussions and workshops, where the young participants will exchange views, experiences and opinions with stakeholders and speakers, also cultural activities like a band contest and a guided city tour will take place during the event. Networking and socializing will be possible during different parties and sportive activities.


European Youth Media Days


On Sunday, the gathered ideas will be presented at a closing plenary session. The European Youth Media Days take place at the same time in Strasbourg. Participants of the European Youth Press will cover the EYE 2014 and finally draft a report.


This report will be handed over to the newly elected Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to provide them with a clear idea of concerns, perspectives and dreams of young Europeans. It should be a source of inspiration for possible steps or activities.