Reminders of Justorat Inkasso

Many consumers currently turn to ECC Austria because they received reminders from a Britsh debt collection agency (Kanzlei Justorat; EN Verwaltungsadresse: 4-7, Salisbury Court, Greenwood House, EC4Y 8AA, London).


According to the letter, the agency operates on behalf of a German/Austrian association of lotteries, gambling and magazine subscription (Verband der Lotterie/Glücksspiel/Zeitschriftenabo Deutschland/Österreich).


Consumers tell us that they had been contacted by lottery firms in the past, but never concluded a contract with any of the firms mentioned in the letters. Furthermore, in all writings the same amount of € 319,00 is demanded. This amount is already considered to be a "settlement offer", the actual claim would be much higher.


The debt collecting agency is situated in London, but the stated bank account is in Bulgaria.


Tips of ECC Austria

  • If you received a writing of the agency, we advise you to protest against any claims with the sample letter attached to this article.
  • Send the letter registered to the debt collecting agency.
  • Furthermore, you can submit the letter to the police.