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Need help?

We are happy to help enforcing your claims against a company in another EU Member State, Norway, Iceland or the UK.

Three preconditions for our intervention:

  1. Your complaint regards a contract between a consumer and a trader.
  2. The contract is cross-border within the EU: The consumer lives in Austria* and the trader is situated in another EU Member State, Norway, Iceland or the UK.
    Please note: The relevant factor is the head office of the company, not its branches or the office of a debt collection agency that acts on behalf of the company.
  3. You verifiably tried to contact the trader yourself at least once in order to reach a solution. Since two weeks or longer, the trader didn't give you a relevant or positive answer or didn't response at all.

*Exception: If you live in Tyrol, please contact our branch office in Innsbruck under beratung.tirol@vki.at!

Example: An Italian airline didn't respond to the complaints of an Austrian consumer. He therefore turns to the ECC for help. Together with ECC Italy, we contact the airline who then agrees to pay compensation to the passenger.

Your complaint

When all above mentioned precondititons are met, please send us your case via e-mail to info@europakonsument.at. Make sure that the following information is attached:

  • A short description of your case
  • All relevant documents (e.g. the contract) in copy - never originals!
  • All correspondence with the trader in chronological order
  • Your contact details (phone number and e-mail address)
  • Your bank information, if necessary (e.g. if you claim a payment from the trader)

Please try to include everything in one single e-mail.


We receive a lot of cases every day, therefore we kindly ask you to be patient if it takes some time until we come back to you. All complaints are handled chronologically according to the date of their entry.

Please let us know when there are any urgent deadlines in your case!

Also, inform us in case your complaint was solved in the meantime and you don't need our assistance anymore!

In our work we aim only to an out-of-court settlement of your claim. The focus is on our many years of experience in the practical use of the pre- and extra-judicial complaint behavior of many companies.

Our field of activity is in accordance with the statutes limited to consumer transactions, ie transactions between consumers and entrepreneurs. For questions that arise from a transaction between two companies or between two individuals, we are not competent.

Our team

Your case will be handled by our legal experts who have many years of experience in enforcing European consumer rights and continuously undergo further training. We monitor all developments in this area on national as well as on EU level and are in constant professional exchange with our colleagues from the other member states.

Information on data protection

We are obliged to inform you that your submitted data will be entered in the database of the Network of the European Consumer Centres (ECC-Net) and can be forwarded for the purpose of processing to other European Consumer Centres. Of course, you have the right to request the deletion of your data.

More information is provided in our Privacy Statement.

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