Consumers within the EU

A brochure summarises the activities and aims of the EU regarding consumer policy. It is part of the series "European Union explained" which includes several publications that explain the EU. Some of those publications are very basic ("How the EU works"), others are more specific (like "Maritime affairs and fisheries", "Culture and audiovisual", "Enlargement").


The brochure "Consumers" deals with the high standing of consumers in the EU's daily business. Just on the front page, it states: "Putting the consumer first. Protecting consumer safety and rights are priorities in all EU policies." The European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) and its activity as contact point for complaints is mentioned.


Furthermore, the folder shows which aspects the EU consumer policy covers. Ranging from travel law and insurance up to product safety, the spectrum is large. According to the brochure, the EU Commission has a budget of 188.8 Mio. € for six years (2014-2020), which equals approx. 5 cent per consumer per year.


Another chapter presents a brief outline about consumer policy past and present as well as objectives for the future: In the framework of a consumer agenda, the EU Commission has formulated four priorities:

  1. Improving consumer safety
  2. Enhancing knowledge
  3. Implementation, enforcement and redress
  4. Keeping up with social and economic change

Find more detailed information in the brochure which you can download here and under the menu "publications".