Insolvency of Travelbird

The Dutch travel provider Travelbird is insolvent. The online portal was popular for its cheap offers.


A message regarding the insolvency was published on the website of Travelbird at the end of October. All further proceedings will be handled by the company SGR who is the Dutch guarantee fund for prepaid travel money. Consumers who booked a journey at Travelbird should be contacted by SGR soon. If not, we recommend to send them an e-mail.


It is not yet clear if:

  • SGR will only cover package travels or sole hotel and flight bookings as well.
  • SGR will secure the full paid amount or only a part.

On the website of SGR, consumers may find a few questions & answers regarding the current situation. The information is available in Dutch, English and German.


Accordingly, the following applies:

  • Customers who are currently travelling and encounter problems can reach out to TUI Netherlands (Tel.: +31 88-0885840,
  • Customers, who should depart until (and including) 9th November and already received valid flight tickets, can go on as planned. SGR takes over the responsibilites of Travelbird. Contact partner for any troubles is once again TUI Netherlands.
  • Journeys of customers who didn't receive valid flight tickets or booked a journey without a flight will not be carried out. Those consumers should receive an e-mail of SGR regarding the further proceedings.
  • Customers who have a voucher of Travelbird should file their claims at the following website: Type "Travelbird" into the search field.

Insolvency proceedings in general


Usually, if a company files insolvency, a liquidator is commissioned, who will then check the financial status of the company. If there are any financial resources left, a court proceeding will start. All creditors can register for these proceeding and will receive a refund according to a certain quota. Unfortunately, those are often very low.


Travelbird has not yet published any information regarding this procedure. We will monitor any developments and keep this article updated.