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Students celebrate in a pool their spring break event
Austrian students celebrate 2018 in a pool in Calabria at the "Summer Splash" spring break event Image: AliveGK/shutterstock

Splashline Travel u. Event GmbH is bankrupt

On 28 May 2020, the organiser of the "Summer Splash", Splashline Travel und Event GmbH, filed for insolvency.

The company specialised in large events for young people, especially high school graduates. The main business area was offers to participate in Summer Splash in Italy and Springbreak Europe in Croatia. Due to the requirements and bans imposed by the Corona crisis from 10 March, the business model of package tours and event parties on the beach had completely collapsed.

If you are affected and have paid for a trip with Splashline or have already paid the remaining payments, it is reassuring to know that your payments were covered by the legally regulated package tour regulation with UNIQUA Österreich Versicherungen AG.

You can now submit claims to the following settlement agent:

call us Assistance International GmbH
Waschhausgasse 2
1020 Wien
Tel: +43 (1) 316 70-895
Fax: +43 (1) 31670-70895

You can find out how to proceed formally on the website of the settlement agent.

Travellers must usually file their claims with the liquidator within 8 weeks of the start of the insolvency proceedings, which in this case is UNTIL 24 JULY 2020.

The major events at graduation trips of the other major provider have now also been cancelled. DocXL, the other well-known company selling graduation trips on a large scale, cancelled X-Jam in Croatia last Tuesday (2.6.). It was a piquant fact that the company, as described by the colleagues from verbraucherrecht.at, had offered the school leavers cheaper cancellation rates, whereby it would have been better for those affected not to cancel and to wait for a cancellation by the organiser or an impossibility of the trip due to the risk of corona, in order to save themselves any cancellation costs.

Another problem was that in the event of DocXL's insolvency, these cancellation costs would not have been covered by the insurance. Since the organiser DocXL has now cancelled on its own initiative, those who did not accept the "reduced cancellation offer" will receive their deposit and any remaining payments back.

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