Insolvency of H&H Touristik GmbH

German tour operator

The German tour operator H&H Touristik GmbH, a provider of sport and group travels, is insolvent. We already received numerous calls of affected consumers.

Tours until February 20th

On February 6, Michael Pluta of the law firm PLUTA Rechtsanwalts GmbH, was appointed as the intermediary insolvency administrator by the court of Karlsruhe, Germany. According to Mr. Pluta, tours with departure until February 20 will be operated as planned. The costs are covered by the insurance in charge, HanseMerkur. Customers don't have to pay for any services on-site, all partners (hotels etc.) are paid by HanseMerkur. Consumers will be informed if any changes occur, which could also be due to the insolvency of Germania Airlines.

Other tours

The insolvency administrator is currently checking whether later tours will take place or not. Affected consumers will be informed before their departure date.

Customers of H&H Touristik GmbH who are currently on vacation and face any problems, can turn to the special hotline:

H&H Touristik: 0721/509 81 567

The ECC advises all affected consumers to keep updated about all developments. Visit the websites of the tour operator and the insolvency administrator regularly. If you didn't receive any information before your departure, contact him directly.

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