New name, old method

On the website “”, designer goods are offered at a cheap price. But ordered and already payed products are often not delivered.


A consumer drew the attention of the European Consumer Centre Austria (ECC) to the webshop Research of the partner centre in Italy showed that it is once more a website of the firm "Thomas Crown House Ltd.", provided by a man named Rainer Gruhn who was also responsible for the webshop "".


Wrong address

As reported last year from ECC Austria , also offered very cheap designer goods but never delivered them. So for and, the same method, the same firm and the same provider apply. Furthermore, both webshops display the same – wrong – address at the legal notices on their websites:


As ECC Italy found out, is situated at Via Alighieri Dante 18/R, 50122 Firenze under the name "GI-MER". Further offices are in Florence and Arezzo. But, according to the company register, the one in Arezzo is insolvent since 2000.

Tips from ECC Austria

  • ECC Austria advices consumers who already ordered and payed something at, but never got the delivery or a refund, to press charges due to suspicion of fraud at the nearest police station.
  • In general, ECC Austria recommends caution when it comes to offers which appear “too good to be true” on the internet. Before ordering, you can look for information at online forums or ask the ECC if complaints or negative experiences with the specific webshop exist.
  • If you payed with credit card, you can ask your creditcard provider for a chargeback. But please keep in mind that there is no legal right to such repayment.