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Against invasive advertising & tracking

You wear a health tracker to lower your health insurance premium, receive invasive advertising based on your past behaviour, are exposed to software that detects your emotions and eavesdrop on your conversations... welcome to the brave new world of the surveillance economy!

To show how invasive commercial surveillance practices are and could become, the European Consumers Organisation (BEUC) has created a sharpened perspective on the surveillance economy in the following video, linking today's situations with scenarios of a not too distant future. 

Commercial surveillance is already an everyday reality. Everything we do - where we go, what we like and what we consume - is monitored by companies trying to influence our decisions. But it could get much worse. Although the majority reject behavioural advertising practices, it is virtually impossible not to be tracked, profiled and targeted for commercial purposes in the digital world. And if we don't put a stop to invasive practices via dark patterns and social scoring by big tech companies, they will get worse with the introduction of powerful AI systems.

BEUC's video calls on the EU, which is currently discussing countermeasures, to also adopt them to create a fairer, more privacy-friendly society in the digital era. Share this video if you agree! 


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