Alleged lottery win

Congratulations, you won over two million Euro! Without even participating in a lottery! Your mail address was randomly chosen out of thousands!


Sounds unbelievable? It is. An attentive consumer told us that such alleged win notifications are once again in circulation. She received a mail by "Euromilliones" from Spain (see here).


In bad German, the letter promises over two million Euro to the consumer. All she would have to do is to fill out the form and send it back to the alleged lottery company. The money was stored at a security firm.


Don't react!


We strongly advise against reacting to such letters! It's common sense: You can't win something without participating in a raffle of some sort. The bad spelling is another indication that it's nothing professional.


Ignore letters or mails of this kind. Don't give away any personal data. If you receive further mails, you can block the sender in your mail program.

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