Warning: Fake football shoes

The online shop "neuefussballschuhe.com" looks promising at first sight: Soccer shoes of well-known brands (Nike, Adidas) at very good prices. Unfortunately, the appearance is deceiving. According to an article by Watchlist Internet, the shop offers counterfeit products.


Ordering there bears certain risks:

  • The goods are never delivered, but the money is gone.
  • Delivered goods are defective.
  • Customs seizes and destroys the goods.
  • The copyright holders - in this case, Nike and Adidas - take legal steps against the consumers.

The website looks professional. However, Watchlist Internet examined that it is operated by a private person in Germany. Therefore, the given address is probably wrong. A consumer reported to the Watchlist that they debited money from his bank account to China twice.


The ECC strongly advises against ordering from neuefussballschuhe.com. Find more information about counterfeit goods and possible consequences here.

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