New service hotline

The European Consumer Centre Austria helps consumers when they are in danger due to unforeseen occurrences like natural catastrophe, political unrests or terror attacks.


In which cases do I have claims to rebooking or withdrawal without charge? The legal requirements are often complicated.


On the basis of years of experience, the ECC Net Austria together with the VKI ("Verein für Konsumenteninformation") advises consumers when they face danger at their destination. To improve this service, a new, free-of-charge hotline was established recently.


Service-Hotline: 0043 1 588 77 63.



In which cases does the new Service-Hotline offer help? Forest fires, earthquakes, terror attacks, tsunamis, civil wars… The range is very wide.


The Service-Hotline is not in charge for: General complaints like deficits of a hotel. If you face these kinds of problems, the ECC-Net Austria advises in cross-boarder, the VKI in national cases.

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