Caution Fraud

The website offers various branded goods such as clothing, shoes and watches for reduced prices. Consumers are given discount vouchers in order to motivate them to order. A consumer for example ordered 6 cashmere pullovers and a jacket for € 863 plus € 8 shipping costs.


Discount for cashmere jacket
A discount of  € 351.61 was granted and for selecting the pre-payment method another € 25.32 deduction were given. Instead of  € 863 the consumer paid € 489.07 and was happy about making a good deal online.


The goods never arrived
Pullover and jacket never arrived. After 3 weeks the consumer called the company and could not reach anyone. To a complaint via e-mail the company indicated to have supply difficulties. Yet another e-mail request to refund the money remained unanswered.
The consumer contacted European Consumer Center Austria and asked for intervention.
Investigation in cooperation with the Italian ECC colleagues revealed that one can emanate fraud when it comes to
ECC Austria received numerous complaints about the predecessor website which betrayed the consumers in the same way.


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