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Complaints accumulate about Italian instrument shop bitmusic

Recently we and other ECCs have been receiving an increasing number of complaints about the Italian-registered shop Bitmusic. Non-delivery or delivery of faulty or incorrect products are the reasons for attempts at returns from dissatisfied online customers. The only problem is that no one answers complaints or demands for money and wants to reverse the transaction.R


Under the company name Nexi Srls, the online shop Bit Music is registered in Contrada Calice, Canicattì (AG) in Sicily.

Two types of problems with www.bitmusic.it come to light in complaint cases on the ECC network:

  • Non-delivery
    In this concrete example case, a customer ordered a guitar amplifier for € 459 via the website. The article was never delivered, even repeated interventions by the ECC Italy were not responded to. The consumer had paid by credit card and was thus able to request a chargeback, which was successful.
  • Delivery of wrong products
    Another customer bought and expected an original Fender Made in Japan Super Deluxe Thinline Telecaster in RW Sherwood Green Metallic finish for € 1383,- The consumer received a Fender Deluxe Thinline Telecaster MIN CAR / Serial# MX20130088 , which is € 600,- cheaper. Whether this is an original or a replica is questionable for the injured party.

Countless very angry customer opinions can also be found on the Trustpilot platform. Most customers are upset about the lack of communication. They only reply in Italian if they are lucky, otherwise they ignore weeks of complaints and requests for money back. In the case of late delivery of defective goods (such as synthesizers) or non-delivery (digital piano) or, as above, bottle deliveries of products other than those ordered (guitar accessories, pedals, amplifiers, etc.), bruised consumers then lose their patience. The delivered goods have one thing in common, and that is that the value is lower than the requested original. Since the prices of instruments and accessories often exceed 1000 euros, the particularly angry comments of bruised customers are quite understandable. From a certain point on, bitmusic might not have delivered anything at all due to the increasingly bad customer reviews. From then on, customers were only charged for ordering, without anything in return. Therefore, the Austrian Internet Ombudsman's Office already lists the website as a fakeshop on its Internet Watchlist. In the meantime, www.bitmusic.it is no longer available online.

If you have ordered from bitmusic

Since the ECC Italy does not receive any reply from the online shop operators even to registered letters by email, you should initiate a chargeback with your credit card company if no goods were delivered after the order, which we assume to be the case. If this is not possible, we advise you to report the matter to the police or, if you have legal expenses insurance, to contact them.

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Initiate chargeback

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