ECC-Net celebrates 15 Years

What to do if my flight to Poland is cancelled? The handbag I bought in Italy breaks? I have fallen into a subscription trap? Since its foundation in 2005, the European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) has been able to help more than one million consumers with these and many other problems. During the Corona pandemic alone, more than 90,000 consumers turned to the network for help. Today it celebrates its 15th anniversary. The celebration will take place at an online event with EU Commissioner Didier Reynders.

Banner for the online 15 years anniversary event on November 20th 2020 Invitation banner to 15 Years ECC-Net Anniversary online event  |  Image: European Commission - DG Justice

The celebrations also provided an opportunity to discuss achievements and new directions for consumer protection in Europe. They took place against the background of the recently adopted EU consumer agenda (New Consumer Agenda). This sets out the EU Commission's consumer policy for the next five years. In addition to representatives of the Commission, consumer organisations, enforcement agencies, young journalists and other stakeholders from all over Europe are taking part. The event could be followed on Twitter under the hashtag #15yearsECCNet.

"Essential feature of EU consumer policy cooperation".

EU Commissioner Didier Reynders congratulated ECC-Net: "I am convinced that the European Consumer Centres Network, with its practical assistance to consumers, will continue to be an essential feature of consumer policy cooperation in the EU."

Petra de Sutter, Chair of the IMCO Committee and Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium, added: "I can only support the daily work of ECC-Net. We legislators can enact many regulations to protect consumers. But consumers need to know that this protection exists in the first place."

"We are looking forward to the next million consumers".

On 21 November 2020, the English-language website of the network went online at Among other things, a report with milestones of the past 15 years can be found there. It also presents ECC-Net's vision for the future: In an increasingly digitalised world, the network wants to offer consumers even better service and advocate for sustainable consumption.

"In 15 years, ECC-Net has become a valued and essential part of European consumer protection. We look forward to the next million consumers we can help!" says Bianca Schulz, Director of the European Consumer Centre France.

ECC-Net will continue to work closely with stakeholders and business representatives. Its unique experience in daily contact with consumers will feed into lobbying and consumer rights enforcement. The network will also contribute to the European Green Deal and the Digital Agenda through awareness-raising campaigns.

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Each EU country as well as Iceland, Norway and the United Kingdom have a European Consumer Centre and together they form the ECC-Net. ECC-Net informs consumers in Europe about their rights and helps free of charge with cross-border problems.

Animiertes Feuerwerk mit ECC-Net Logo und 15 Jahre Schriftzug

15 Jahre ECC-Net

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