Fake mails in circulation

Request to pay alleged claim


Many consumers currently receive mails stating that the "amount due could not be debited from your bank account". Further details would be in the attached ZIP file.


Beware of ZIP files


Those attached files actually include malware which could attack your computer. You should never open them.


Pay attention to the sender's address


In most cases, the mail adress of the sender has nothing to do with the alleged sender.


The actual sender often misuses the names of lawyers or other companies and claims that they are responsible for collecting the debts. But the name of the lawyer does not occur in the mail address of the sender.


In the text of the mail, no details about the claim are given (like a bill or customer ID). The sender just points out to the ZIP file.


Tips of the European Consumer Centre

  • Ignore these mails and do not open any attached ZIP files.
  • Delete suspicious mails from unknown sender without opening them. We know of cases where programmes installed themselves on the computer after the consumer opened the mail. The programmes then had access to data on the computer. 
  • Beware of links in mails! Look closely at the sender's address!
  • Forums: Diverse Internet forums report about the spam mails.
  • Phone number: The given phone numbers mostly do not exist.
  • Check your account statements regularly to be on the safe side.
  • Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors can be an indication for a dubious sender.
  • Don't be intimitated because of such mails!
  • If you have any further questions, please contact ECC Austria: info@europakonsument.at


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