Fake MBT shoes

The webshop mbtdeutsch.com offers extremely cheap shoes of the brand MBT. As the Austrian platform Watchlist Internet found out, those shoes are counterfeit products.


By buying such goods, you may be headed for a lot of trouble:

  • First, you may pay for the shoes, but never get them.
  • The shoes may be confiscated by customs. They would contact you as the recipient and request that you approve the destruction of the counterfeit products. In this case you would also never receive the shoes but loose your money.
  • If the shoes are not stopped by customs and really get to you, they are likely to be of low quality. The price indicates that they are produced cheaply.
  • In the worst case, the rightsholder, who is the original producer of MBT shoes, becomes aware of the product piracy. He may confront you with legal claims, even though you didn't know that the products were counterfeit.

Therefore, we strongy advise against ordering from mbtdeutsch.com! More information about the risks of counterfeit goods is provided in our article.

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