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Fake reminders

Copyright infringement on kinox.to

The Watchlist Internet currently warns against dubious reminders that consumers receive via e-mail. The "ANWALT AG", represented by Dr. Rene De La Porte, demands a payment of several hundreds of europs due to an alleged copyright infringement.

The letter is fake! You don't have to pay.

Several indicators

According to the e-mail, the copyright infringement happened on 19.03.2018 on the website kinox.to via the IP address of the consumer. However, neither the exact time nor the respective movie or rightsholder is mentioned.

As the Watchlist Internet found out, there is no ANWALT AG situated in the UK. A legal firm with the same name was closed in January.

Don't pay

In the letter, consumers are urged to transfer a payment of 426,55 Euro. Otherwise they would face a legal procedure and seizure.

We recommend the following: Don't pay anything! Click on the button "Unsubscribe" on the bottom of the e-mail in order to avoid receiving any more. Furthermore, you could block the sender in your e-mail program.

Further information and screenshots of the fake reminders are provided by the Watchlist Internet (in German language).

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