False Klarna invoice

Currently, many consumers in Austria receive false invoices via e-mail. The sender claims to act on behalf of the well-known company Klarna and the reference says "Automatic debit of Klarna bank failed".


Further information would be available in a ZIP file attached to the e-mail. In fact, that contains a program that - once installed - can do a lot of damage to your device.


Tips from your ECC

  • We recommend to delete the e-mail without opening the attachment!
  • If you already installed the malware, get technical support from the device manufacturer or another professional service entity. Change your passwords and regularly check your bank account.
  • In general, we advise to be sceptical regarding e-mails with attached ZIP files. Trustworthy companies don't send such e-mails. Only open the attachment if you personally know and trust the sender.
  • Always check the e-mail address of the sender, not just the name that is displayed as a sender.


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