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Sneak4you.com doesn't deliver

Dubious webshop

The online shop sneak4you.com advertises with cheap prices for brand shoes. Consumers tell us that those are false promises.

After ordering and paying, the delivery never happens. The shop is unavailable via mail or phone, and no address can be found on the website. We therefore strongly advise against ordering at sneak4you.com.

Tips of the ECC regarding sneak4you.com

  • If you paid by credit card, ask your credit card company if a chargeback would be possible.
  • If the company doesn't react or refund your money, go to the police and file a claim for fraud.

Generally speaking, we recommend to enter the name of an unfamiliar webshop in Google or other search engines, before ordering. The reviews of other consumers often show whether a shop is trustworthy or not.

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