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Screenshot of the Eikora website with warning pictogram in the foreground
Home page of the online furniture retailer eikora.de Image: Screenshot of the homepage of eikora.de made on 29.06.2021

Warning: eikora.de does not deliver

Complaints about the German online furniture retailer Eikora are piling up both in ECC-Net and in the German Consumer Protection Association, as the company very often neither delivers nor reacts to customer complaints. Similarly, criminal complaints are piling up at the public prosecutor's office about unfulfilled sales contracts. We therefore warn you not to order from this website and give you tips on what to do if you are one of the aggrieved customers.

Pictogram about "Goods not supplied"

Goods not supplied

The public prosecutor's office in Kaiserlautern has registered about 40 criminal complaints about eikora.de. The reasons are the same as those complaints we receive in ECC-Net or on the trustpilot rating portal. Too often, the paid order is ignored for weeks, customer enquiries about what happened to the confirmed order are not answered and the company does not react to complaints and withdrawals from the contract due to non-delivery. Similarly, we know of a Dutch furniture manufacturer that has terminated its cooperation due to unsatisfactory business conduct by Eikora. It is repeatedly reported by angry customers that the stock level at the time of ordering was shown as "available" on the website when deliveries were not made. On the part of Eikora, which was founded in February 2020, the argument is that it was overwhelmed by massive orders during the Corona crisis. We find that when problems pile up like this, the trader would have to work off existing orders first and resolve the chaos caused by piling up problems before accepting new orders and, more importantly, money from more customers. However, sales via the website continue unabated.

By way of illustration, a customer quote available to the ECC:
At the end of November last year, I ordered furniture at a purchase price of just under 1900 euros from the dealer Eikora in Germany. I was put off for months that my delivery would unfortunately be delayed but would be made shortly. Unfortunately, the fact is that no one has been able to reach me by phone or email for weeks. I have asked in writing and verbally for the purchase price to be refunded, but so far in vain.

If you are affected and have a paid order outstanding:

The cases we handle in the ECC are unresolved to date, we cannot yet estimate the outcome. If you have not yet instructed us, try the following:

  • Set the company Eikora a delivery deadline of 14 days in writing (sample letter for download below), preferably by registered mail, by which time the company must deliver your order.

  • If the delivery deadline passes without result and you have legal protection insurance, please instruct them to deal with the matter immediately.
  • If the delivery deadline passes without result, file a criminal complaint with the police. When filing your criminal charges, you can express the wish to join any criminal court proceedings as a private party in order to be present for compensation payments.
  • You can also contact the public prosecutor's office in Kaiserslautern and file a complaint. Since the prosecutors are in direct contact with Eikora, it is worth trying to obtain a refund of the amount paid, especially if the amount is higher. (Kaiserslautern Local Court file number: HRB 32866) - Attention - The Düsseldorf Commercial Court listed in Eikora's imprint is not competent and the commercial register number listed is incorrect.


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