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Volcanic eruption on Bali

Airport closed

Update, 29.11.2017:

The international airport on Bali started operations again today. A cyclone bringing ashes from the volcano to the airport had delayed the commissioning for one day.

Indonesia is not getting any rest: The cyclone "Cempaka" caused heavy rains, landslides and floods. On the islands of Java, eleven people died.


The volcano Mount Agung on Bali erupted.

Thousands of citizens living nearby the volcano have been evacuated. The airport on the Indonesian island is closed, leaving many tourists stranded there. Experts fear that an even bigger eruption might occur as ash clouds are accompanied by explosive eruptions and booming sounds.

Since September, authorities stated warnings about the possible eruptoon of Mount Agung. The Austrian Foreign Ministry (BMEIA) informs on its website about the current situation. Unfortunately, the travel information is only available in German. For other information, please contact the national emergency authority.

The BMEIA states that there is no immediate danger outside of the secured area surrounding the volcano. Popular touristic destinations like Kuta, Seminyak and Nusa Dua are at least 70 km away. It may rain ashes, depending on the wind. Ashes may cause eye irritation or amplify respiratory diseases such as asthma.

Tourists on site

Tourists on Bali are recommended to reduce strenuous activites outside to a minimum. The airport will probably be closed until the morning of 28.11.2017. Contact your travel agency or airline to find out whether your flight will be operated or delayed. Furthermore, a helpdesk for European travellers has been installed at the airport.

Tips for consumers planning a trip to Bali

Consumers who wanted to travel to Bali in the near future should also contact their tour operator. If the journey would be operated, but you don't want to join, ask about the possibilities of withdrawal (caution: no cancellation which would imply fees!) or rebooking to a later date. The date of your booking is essential - if you already knew about the possibility of an eruption and took the risk anyway, you can only appeal to the tour operator's compassion.

Travellers with individual arrangements have to contact their respective contractual partners (airline, hotel, rental car company etc.).

Follow the current media reports and save articles that could help your arguments.

Find comprehensive and helpful information about your rights in such circumstances in our section "Danger at destination".

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