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Warning against perlelux.com

Dubious webshop for cosmetics

Many consumers currently complain about an onlineshop selling cosmetics. It offers face creams allegedly created by the famous German singer Nena.

Care for more?

The consumers order from the website perlelux.com a cheap test package for 34 Euro and pay via credit card.

Upon delivery, they get a surprise: The package contains more cremes than ordered. Unfortunately, this is not a warm welcome from the trader, but is charged extra.

Other consumers tell us that they received further cremes even though they only ordered a single sample package. The trader claimed that they approved the repeated delivery in their client account settings.

Especially curious: Some consumers even got deliveries of cosmetic products from another company called TRIX ECOM LTD who operates the webshop collagenea.com. They never ordered there.

In all cases, high amounts were debited from the credit cards of the consumers.

Tips from your ECC

Our research shows that the websites perlelux.com is operated by the company "M Real s.r.o" situated in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, it seems that this trader has a strong connection to the company TRIX ECOM LTD.

A consumer who complained via e-mail to the trader was offered a refund. However, she was asked to send back the delivered cremes. The trader didn't provide a return note - therefore, the consumer would have to pay for it, which is a lot to ask for, given that she never ordered them. A professional trader would take responsibility for the return.

We therefore recommend the following:

  • Contact your credit card company and ask for a chargeback of the unauthorized amounts. According to the Payment Service Act, you are entitled to such chargeback.
  • Send a letter to the company M Real s.r.o. You can use our sample letter regarding "Automatic contract extension" ("Automatische Vertragsverlängerung"). A registered letter is most effective, but at least send an e-mail with read confirmation.

If you encounter any further problems, you can contact our hotline at +43 (0) 1 588 77 81 from Mo-Fr, 9 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. or via mail to info@europakonsument.at.

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