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Warning against wrong reminders

Alleged copyright infringements

Update, 12.03.2018:

The Watchlist Internet currently warns against alleged reminders from "Copyrightslawyer.eu" and "LawLimited.eu". The mails seem professional at first, claiming that the consumer violated copyrights by watching movies on the websites kinox.to or movie4k.to.

However, they neither state the exact date of the infringement nor the specific movie. Furthermore, they don't address the consumers by name. Instead they use the general "Dear Sir/Madam" phrase. All those things are more than unprofessional and clearly indicate that the reminders are not real.

We therefore recommend to move the mail to the spam-folder and to ignore the claim for 345,35 Euro.


Many consumers currently tell us that they received reminders via mail, by an alleged lawyer called Dr. Thomas Stephan or alleged law firms like Kertas, Krohm, Appel, Sauerwald or Zühlke. The list may be longer, but the important thing is: None of those law firms are real!

Copyright infringement on movie portal kinox.to

The writing claims that the consumers watched movies on the website kinox.to and by doing so violated copyrights of the company 20th Century Fox™. However, it doesn't state the specific film, date or time. Furthermore, it doesn't address the consumers by name. Instead the general "Dear Sir/Madam" phrase is used. All those factors indicate that the mail is fake. The Watchlist Internet warns: Neither the lawyer, nor the law firms exist. None of them are registered in the lawyer index. Another indication is that the firms claim to be situated in Germany, but request a bank transfer to a British account.

Important note: Don't pay anything! The claim has no legal basis. They are trying to frighten you in order to get your money.

You can ignore and delete the mails. Block the sender in your mail programm in order to avoid receiving any further writings from them.

Last update on 05.12.2017

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