Air travel: Denied boarding

If you were at the check-in counter on time, having valid travel documents (ticket, passport, visa) with you and were still denied boarding (e.g. due to an overbooking) you are entitled to

  • re-routing as soon as possible or reimbursement of the ticket price
  • assistance, such as food and refreshments, a hotel room if necessary, transport between hotel and airport, two free phone calls/faxes/e-mails
  • payment of compensation between € 125,- and € 600,-

In order to evaluate the amount of compensation due, it is necessary to check the distance of the flight.


In general the compensation is

  • € 250,- for flights up to 1.500km
  • € 400,- for longer flights within the EU and other flights between 1.500km and 3.500km
  • € 600,- for flights longer than 3.500km outside the EU

In case the arrival of the flight is not delayed more than two, three or four hours just half the amount is due.


Tips and help


In order to make your claims according to the Air Passenger Rights Regulation, you can use our free sample letters (available in German):

The most effective way is to send a registered letter. At least you should send an e-mail with reading confirmation.


If you receive no or only negative replies, we will help you. Find all our contact details at this link.

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