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German traffic strike - flight cancellations in Austria as of Sunday

On Sunday (26 March 2023), all 12 flights between Vienna and Munich will be cancelled, and on Monday (27 March 2023), the 27 return flights between Vienna and Munich as well as Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Cologne will be cancelled.

Will air passenger rights change soon?

A new attempt for revised passenger rights in air travel is here. The initiative could lead to the replacement of the old Air Passenger Rights Regulation, especially in the area of delays and flight cancellations. This means that air travellers in the EU will get more rights in the future - but also fewer in certain cases.

Flight cancellations in the 2022 summer flight schedule

Worldwide, the airline industry is experiencing a massive pent-up demand for passenger flights. Expensive fuel prices and, above all, an acute shortage of staff resulted in thousands of flight cancellations and chaotic conditions at airports.

Strike: Airline has to refund says ECJ

A decision by the ECJ has once again clearly strengthened air passenger rights. If a flight is cancelled or significantly delayed due to an announced strike by airline staff, passengers may have a right to compensation.

Brexit - travellers and consumers

In the referendum on 23 June 2016, 52 percent of Britons voted in favour of Brexit. On 24 December, the EU and the UK concluded a far-reaching trade and partnership agreement. What are the consequences for consumers in Europe? Here are some hints about the changes from the perspective of travellers and consumers

Hardly any money back on flight bookings

Refunds through booking platforms are particularly difficult. Those who have booked flights with intermediaries such as Opodo, Expedia & Co that were cancelled due to the pandemic are having a hard time getting their money back. Enquiries are piling up at arbitration offices and consumer protection agencies.

Level Europe is bankrupt

Insolvency of low cost airline  - The airline Level Europe GmbH, active in the highly competitive market of low-cost airlines in Austria, has stopped operating with immediate effect.

ECJ ruling against misleading air fares

Clarity about ancillary costs of airline tickets was sued for in Italy by consumer advocates. Ryanair must clearly display ancillary costs for airline tickets, the European Court of Justice has ruled.

Coronavirus in China

The Coronavirus ravages a Chinese province and the media is full of that. What does it mean for your rights of withdrawal in package tours?

Flight booking: Opodo Prime

Opodo is an online intermediary for flights, hotels, rental cars and package travels, situated in England and Spain. We are currently receiving a lot of complaints about the company, regarding non-transparent pricing on the German website.

Tips for silent airports

More and more airports refrain from loudspeaker announcements, to reduce noise and thereby stress for passengers. However, consumers regularly contact us as they encountered problems because of it.

Tips for check-in with Wizz Air

We receive numerous complaints about Wizz Air: At the cheapest fare, only the online check-in is for free. If a passenger wants to check in at the airport, Wizz Air charges a fee. 

Separate transportation contracts

Many consumers book their flights via an intermediary, like an online travel agency. A problem which can occur and is often hard to recognize, are separate transportation contracts. In case of cancellation or delay, this may lead to massive problems. 

Alternative flight after cancellation

When your flight is cancelled or you are denied boarding, you are entitled to alternative transportation to your destination. Usually, you are rebooked to another flight.

Ordering travel documents online

Many consumers report dubious websites to us, that offer overpriced or invalid travel documents. The following artice explains how to find the actual authority and which websites to avoid.

Changes of flight dates

Wird ein Flug annulliert, lässt sich dagegen nichts ausrichten, gegen unzumutbare Ersatzleistungen aber durchaus.

Strike: Verdict against Lufthansa

A Luxembourgish court decided that Lufthansa has to reimburse passengers who are affected by a strike. According to the judge, the airline can't claim extraordinary circumstances. It is the second ruling of this kind in a short time.

Air travel: Delay

Regrettably, flight delays happen rather frequently. If the delay is 5 hours or even more you have the right to rescission and can demand the refund of the ticket price.

Problems during air travel

Nearly every day brings media reports about problems regarding air travel. Especially during the holiday season, many consumers are affected by delayed or cancelled flight. We made an overview of your rights in such cases.

Air travel: Denied boarding

If you were at the check-in counter on time, having valid travel documents with you and were still denied boarding you are entitled to several rights and services.

Air travel: Cancellation

In case your booked flight was cancelled, you are entitled to several rights and services.

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