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ECC-Net: Travel App 2.0

New functions for more usability

Peace, relaxation, eventually a little bit of action and sightseeing - those expectations are common when it comes to holidays. However, this joy might vanish quickly, if you suddenly stand on the airport without your luggage, the hotel room appears to be totally different than in the catalogue, the brandnew sunglasses are already broken or if the booked rental car is not available after all. The Travel App of the European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) helps with such and other problems. It was completely revised and updated and therefore convinces with improved usability and new functions.

Support on travel

Just before the summer season and at the tenth anniversary of the founding of the ECC-Net, the European Consumer Centres presented the new app. It helps consumers enforcing their rights within the language of their respective holiday destination. 101 situations are covered in 25 European languages. The app simplifies the communication between trader and consumer, as both get information in their own language and therefore misunderstandings are being prevented. At the same time, the consumer learns what he is entitled to.

What's new?

  • New design
  • Larger font size to show the relevant sentences to the interlocutor
  • Improved functions (especially concerning the translation tool) and better usability
  • Reworked content
  • New section “Help” with all important addresses and phone numbers (local ECC, complete ECC-Net, European emergency number, local embassy, Europe direct)

The app can be downloaded free of charge in the respective app store (Apple, Android, Windows). Get directly to the download with this QR-Code:

The app works offline, so consumers don't have to pay any roaming fees when using it abroad.

101 situations

The European Consumer Centres have ten years of experience in the area of consumer advice. This knowledge was brought together in order to define the 101 most important and popular situations in which consumers face problems abroad. They were summarised in eight categories:

  1. Purchase at retail shop
  2. Car rental
  3. Airplane
  4. Train
  5. Bus
  6. Ship / Ferry
  7. Hotel
  8. Health

In every categorie, consumers can choose between specific situations and get information about their rights and entitlements in the specific case. If a problem can't be solved with the app, consumers find all institutions able to help them in the new sector "Help".

More information about the app: ECC-Net: Travel App

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